Monday, November 17, 2008

Gardening When It Counts

Winter is the perfect time to catch up on your reading. I know it's not officially winter yet. But the ground outside my window is covered with an inch or so of white fluff... so it's close enough.

I just finished reading Steve Solomon's "Gardening When It Counts". When I first picked it up I wasn't too sure it would be of any value to me. After all, I have been gardening for nearly a half century now. I quickly found out you can teach an old gardener new tricks.

Everything a beginner gardener needs to know is in "Gardening When It Counts". From preparing the soil to what to grow, and everything in between. Mr. Solomon lays it out simple and straightforward.

I can't wait till next growing season to assemble and try his natural fertilizer formula. And his technique for sowing tiny seeds is genius. I never would have thought to try that one.

Who is Steve Solomon? He started Territorial Seed Company years ago and made it a success. He knows what he is talking about and it shows in this book.

I give this gardening book "10 green thumbs up".

Here's a link to the book...

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